Beliefs about Asia

The powerful tide of the emerging middle class
We are at the crossroads. The Asian emerging middle class is creating unique and vast opportunities in many sectors of the economy, in particular energy and natural resources, transportation and infrastructure, consumer finance and insurance, education and healthcare.

An increasing role of the private sector
Governments will be unable to supply the required infrastructure and the services demanded by this emerging middle class, both in terms of volume and quality. In that context, the private sector has an increasing role to play.

An improving political and regulatory situation
After decades of corruption and poor governance in certain countries, governments are finally taking significant steps in engaging serious reforms. The private local groups are also realising the necessity of reforming their practices if they wish to attract foreign capital and increase international cooperation and exposure.

A strong demand for expertise
Asian groups are eager to benefit from “Western” expertise. Western investors who are ready to add value while at the same time recognising cultural idiosyncrasies of the different markets in the Asian region will be positioned as preferred partners.