Our clients are companies and financial investors seeking growth opportunities, especially cross-border and in unfamiliar markets, where we can offer:

  • Strategic investment advice
  • Identification and structuring of investment opportunities
  • Identification of capital sources and execution of capital raising
  • Off-market acquisitions
  • Joint venture and partnership negotiations
  • Risk management
  • Capital structuring

In terms of investments, Ivest is a bridge to large pools of capital. Typically this capital sits with investment funds seeking deployment opportunities, industry players seeking partners and growth opportunities in the region or Asian conglomerates and families seeking asset diversification. Investments are usually a minimum of USD10 million and in the case of industry players may have no pre-determined requirement for exit.

Our entrepreneurial approach, deep experience and established networks throughout Asia and Australia allow us to identify unique, relevant and actionable opportunities and insights for our clients in the Asia-Pacific region.